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Lead Generation 
Leads + Optimization + Follow Up = Closings
We help real estate professionals Ignite their Real Estate Growth by generating and converting leads into booked appointments!
What We Will Do For You
Generating Leads
We utilize your platforms to generate buyer and seller leads for you. So you own all the leads and data.
Our team will constantly make tweaks to your campaigns so you get the lowest cost per lead that will drive the best ROI possible.
Follow Up
Tired of chasing down leads?
We'll call, text, and email, every lead for you and connect you with serious buyers & sellers that are HOT.
Keeping your pipline full is hard work! We'll do the heavy lifting for you!
Are You Getting Little To ZERO Results from Paid Ads?
Getting leads from paid ads is not as easy as it looks AND the rules keep changing.  Growing your team means hiring experts to do the work you're not cut out for.

We're REALTORS running ads for REALTORS.

And we've got damn good at it. In fact, 8 of the top 100 REALTORS in the country trust us to run their ads. 

Do what they do, and join thier ranks.
Our Results
Joshua Smith
Top 1% Producing Realtor®
"I have NEVER got a $.01 Lead... Well, I have now! I am not expecting this to be consistent... BUT DAMN! Pretty awesome to watch!"
Julie Tomlinson
"I'm officially under contract with my first FB paid ad lead and maybe listing his commercial property for 300k as well"
Who Are We?
Victor and I met while working at Cheesecake Factory. We became great friends and eventual roommates. We both left Cheesecake Factory for the pursuit of happiness. We both wanted to start our own business helping individuals. Victors vision was helping companies maximize their profits and brand awareness by marketing online and Mine was to help people achieve the American dream of buying a home.

We both found out quickly that it does not matter how much vision you have, this world is brutal and will eat you up if you are not ready for it.

"I will NEVER let a circumstance or Situation define my life.." - Inky Johnson

You see, Victor and I hit rock bottom. Victor ended up working for my Broker for $350 a week. It took me 18 months to sell my first home. We both had no money in the bank and my car was repoed. We were 3 months behind on rent. But, we knew deep down inside that we wanted to help people better themselves and their lives. 

We were both committed to our VISION. Not Goals, Goals are what get you to where you want to be. We were committed to where we wanted to be and how many people we would both help in our lives, OUR VISION.

"Commitment is staying true to what you said you were going to do long after the mood in which you said it in is long gone.." - Inky Johnson

It was easy for us to quit, but we pushed forward. We trusted the process. Because the Process is Bigger than the Product. We put in the Sweat Equity that was needed to make sure that rock bottom would not be the ending of our vision. We knew our vision was just outside our reach.

Life took us in separate ways. Victor moved to Austin, TX where he spearheaded $1,000,000 campaigns and marketing funnels. I have grown my business and have closed over $12,000,000 in sales in the last 18 months.

Recently, we spoke and this opportunity brought us back together. Together our Vision has grown and it is to help as many people together. To Help YOU grow your business. We are committed to helping you in any way possible.

This will be an ongoing platform for you to grow your business. We are 100% Committed to making sure you are the best Marketer in Your market. We also want to give you the most value for the money out of every course that is available to market on Facebook. By the end of this training, you will have the knowledge to be able to create your own funnels in your business.
Brett Ratkowski
Facebook Real Estate Ads Guy
Realtor Turned Facebook Ads Pro. Brett cracked the code of paid digital advertising for himself. He was so good at it, other agents asked him to run their ad campaigns too. This was the birth to Optimized Real Estate. Over the last 3 years, ORE has managed ads for hundreds of agents including many in the top 100 agents in the country. 
More Results
John Wentworth
Generated 2,514 Leads With a  $2.07 CPL
Joshua Smith
Generated 2,830 Leads With a $3.52 CPL
"We just launched my first ad and got a lead within the first 13¢ spent! Thanks for all you do!
Zack W.
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